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2%+ Mark-Up Fixed Rates

Up to 20-25 year maximum term tenure

Up to 90% financing

Loan amounts up to 1 Crore PKR (upto 10,000,000/10 Million)

Islamically-approved Musharik Shariyah-compliant Mortgages also available

  1. INCOME (salary slips and bank statements or company letterhead and business/visiting card and NTN and business/personal bank statements and taxes, etc)
  1. Property documents if they own a property (proof of ownership or purchase and sales contract) or property address and seller/agent contact information name/number once they have chosen
  1. CNIC (front/back)
  1. SSS PVAR (Processing documents property/income Valuation, Application commitment, and file analysis/submission Review) to begin/complete the mortgage process with our bank(s)

We don’t charge any other fees

All banks do charge additional processing/application fees and also make customer pay for other cost

File takes 7-10+ business days after receiving SSS PVAR to process and submit

Finance Department of the bank(s) take 7-10+ business days for review/approval decision

Plus 30+ business days for successful disbursement

File takes 7-10+ business days after receiving SSS PVAR to process and submit


**Please inquire about larger residential property loan amounts and commercial project funding

Benefits of working with
Saste Se Sasta

When a customer needs a mortgage they can only go to one bank and then whatever that bank tells them, they are at their mercy and have to a accept whatever they give them after 60-90 days, including paying for application fees, processing fees, hidden charges/fees, etc… Plus… It is very hard and confusing to get a mortgage and they have to deal with all the paperwork and sometimes they don’t even know how to package the loan correctly so that it has the highest chance of being approved within 30-45 business days (HALF THE TIME)… We have been doing this for over 23 years and when we submit a loan we can submit it to 15+ banks and then they all fight for the customer’s loan and come back with the best offers and programs (including government-subsidized programs offered by the State Bank of Pakistan) which we provide to the customer and handle everything for them including paperwork, documents, processing, application, approval and do it all for free!!!

The Future of Real Estate in Pakistan

The Future of Real Estate in Pakistan


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